“One of the reasons I’ve been with HMG+ for so long is because of their flexibility and willingness to support their Service Professionals who are also artists, students, parents, etc. Most of us are doing this job to support ourselves while we endeavor to do something nearer to our hearts. They get that and even encourage it. When I know I’ll be away on an acting contract, I’ve always been able to give them the dates that I’d be away and they honored them. But I’ve also tried to give them firm dates as soon as possible as to when I would be back. I believe it’s only fair to show the same courtesy and respect for THEIR work as they’ve shown me for mine. It’s no small task to juggle the incredible number of SP’s and clients on the roster. It’s an even bigger task when a large portion of your work force is out of town for weeks or months at a time. They do their utmost to keep us working when we want but it isn’t fair that they should be expected to bend over backward to cover for us when we’re away and give no hint of our intentions to return. They can’t do their jobs if they can’t count on their SP’s.

I will be the first to admit that, though I try, I don’t always have my Giggo up to date. Trying to enter my availability (especially for a different month) can be tedious with all of the back and forth, but I do try to maintain it to help them. It also helps me because I get frustrated when I’m getting gigs offered for days I’m unavailable, but the fact is they’re only doing the job I’ve asked them to do: getting me work, and I haven’t helped them by letting them know what days to offer that work to me. The frustration is no one’s fault but my own.

I think it’s only fair for HMG+ to set a more specific standard for employment during the busy season so they can fill their orders, maintain their/our reputation with clients, and continue to provide the work we are all looking for. In order to maintain that job and my status as a valued employee, it’s my responsibility to keep in contact with the office, to be as clear as possible about my availability, and when I return, to do my utmost to be available to them so that they’ll want me back. I also do it so they won’t feel used. This may be my “day job” but I know what it is to be out of work and broke so I never take HMG+ for granted. There are COUNTLESS actors, students, parents, etc. in this city looking for work. New SP’s are onboarded and trained every week. We are in a business where people do come and go. Which is why HMG+ has to have some measure of consistency to keep the business running efficiently. The fact that we have the option to accept and reject gigs is a HUGE deal. I’ve worked in pretty much every aspect of the service industry and that has never been a thing. With most companies, you give your full monthly availability (or if you’re lucky, two weeks at a time) and then you get the schedule they make for you and that’s it. Done. I have never worked for ANY company who has been more flexible and accommodating. That is something, in my opinion, that should not be taken for granted. I believe that HMG+ has it’s SP’s best interest in mind at all times. Work is given to those who have earned it and who continue to earn it day after day.” -Brooke E.



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