Giggo HMG+

The Giggo Hospitality Staffing App by HMG+

Personalized service at your fingertips.


  • Manage future &  past orders
  • Send your orders anytime
  • Send changes as they happen
  • Manage your  event locations
  • Manage your favorite service pros
  • View event staff sheets
  • View time verification

Giggo Hospitality Staffing App by HMG Plus

Giggo is The Plus in personalized staffing service

The need to know the who, what, when, and where of an event is a must. So in response, HMG+ developed Giggo to help alleviate the stresses of managing and monitoring event staffing needs. Giggo has been built from the ground to let our clients place and monitor order progress, and is accessible from your Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile device. Get to know how Giggo helps us help our clients.

What can you do with The Giggo Staffing App?

Giggo Hospitality Staffing App by HMG Plus

Send Your Orders Anytime

Let us know your event requirement by filling in the blanks, and our team will begin matching skilled service professionals for your hospitality event, it’s that easy. And, rest assured our team will always be available to answer any questions.

Monitor The Progress Of Staffing Orders 

Track the progress of your orders from start to finish. Know when orders have been fulfilled, and when any changes have been applied. After your event  is completed, know when time sheets have been processed and verified. Throughout the process, we keep you informed of what is happening within your orders.

Staffing Orders- Giggo Hospitality Staffing App by HMG Plus
Staffing Changes- Giggo Hospitality Staffing App by HMG Plus

Request Staffing Changes As They Happen

Order requirements change and requesting order changes is simple. Send us your change request as they happen directly within the app, and maintain a record of all changes which have occurred within your orders.

Get Detailed Staff Sheets

Get more information about the service professionals booked on your orders. Staff sheets include names and photos of each service professional, and when your event is completed, we inform you about the status and verification of processed time sheets.  

Staffing Sheets - Giggo Hospitality Staffing App by HMG Plus
Staffing Order Templates - Giggo Hospitality Staffing App by HMG Plus

Ordering Templates

Save time by saving commonly placed orders as a template for future orders. Templates can be used as a starting point for creating new orders containing details which do not change often, but still give you the flexibility to modify anything that your order requires.

Manage Multiple Event Locations

Save all your event locations to your location library and reuse them when creating new orders. Storing location in your location library also helps speed up filling out the location details on orders. 

Event Locations - Giggo Hospitality Staffing App by HMG Plus
Hospitality Professionals - Giggo Hospitality Staffing App by HMG Plus

Save Your Favorite Hospitality Service Professionals

Build your pool of Hospitality Service Professionals who have done a great job on a previous event by adding them to your request list. Your personalized pool will be the first to be requested when placing future orders. 

Stay Connected with HMG+

Communicate with us from within Giggo, email, or phone. We are always here to help make your next event a great success.

Constantly Improving

We value clients feedback and are always working to bring you new features to improve your experience and simplify the process of booking event staff.



Use our online booking system to track, manage and communicate throughout the entire booking process. Instant online access to organize events and staff assignments. Login to the system and (fill in the blank).

It's that easy!