By Noah Parks

Some of the hardest decisions are made when there seems to be no answer.  For example when faced with a worldwide pandemic, shortage of workers, and changing conditions for reopening, what should a company do?  Specifically, what should a hospitality staffing company do?  This kind of supply and demand imbalance strikes fear into other staffing companies.  Not HMG+. We engage our staff constantly. With over 150 active Service Professionals we’re ready to respond to any of our clients needs at a given moment. How do we maintain these high standards with so many individuals? How can we be sure that everytime we send someone out they’ll represent us well and meet the expectations of the client? 

We have a unique relationship with service excellence. Since 2014 we’ve partnered with the Academy for Hospitality Arts to prepare our Service Professionals for their time with HMG+. The AHA is composed of seasoned veterans of the hospitality industry. They’ve been developing relationships in our industry for almost 40 years and have worked around the world. They bring the standards that our industry needs to individuals that range from experienced to beginner. The importance of high quality service is frequently referred to in research within the industry. HMG+ knows this and so does the AHA so they formed a partnership to ensure that Service Professionals have the tools they need when they work for HMG+ and beyond!

So what should businesses spend on in order to open successfully? We know the best answer is to invest in your people. Research has shown that companies that invest in skills training for their employees in the hospitality industry see long term returns. Individuals are more likely to stay with a company which cuts down the costly recruiting and on-boarding process. It creates a community that has its own culture of success.  HMG+ has always valued the community among it’s SP’s knowing that the people are more valuable than anything else. The short sighted may invest in fancy technology, expensive accoutrements, or consultants. That will never give you the cachet that a strong service team will. Guests may love the food but a heartless automaton, a garrulous person, or an apathetic one, will determine whether they return.

In order to be successful as we reopen we’ll need people that have possibly not been working for months or over a year. Investing in those people is the best way to prepare to reopen.  There are also new people coming into our industry that need training. With the Academy for Hospitality Arts they ensure individuals have the foundational skills that elevate individuals.  HMG+ and their clients from New York and all over the tri-state area demand that high level of service excellence which the AHA provides.  The future has presented many operators with tough choices as they reopen. Make sure to reach out to the Academy for Hospitality Arts to see how they can help you train your staff to meet the needs of our industry and elevate their performance!



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