By Noah Parks 

Hospitality is a lifelong pursuit that creates community and camaraderie.  We’re constantly finding new and innovative ways to offer a place for people to relax and feel at home, even when they’re at the “Top of the Rock” or an empty terminal at an airport.  There’s a rich tradition of team work, intentional planning, and anticipating guests’ needs.  On May 1st we celebrated International Workers Day and put the workers in the limelight for all their exceptional efforts.  HMG+ is proud to boast a large database of service professionals with diverse backgrounds that all have a dream of living well in the greatest city in the world, New York City.  Every one of our unique service pros have a story to tell and when you spend a lot of hours setting up, planning, executing, and tearing down events then you get to know we are more than just warm bodies.  Being the staffing solution of New York City means having the right people in the right places at the right time.  In order to do that we bring together the most talented and unique personalities in our profession. 

To show our support HMG+ invests in our service professionals with incentives like vertical mobility and the ability to improve skills through training and experiences.  We also offer matching retirement options for vested members.  Most importantly we know how to show our love with extravagant parties that celebrate the hard work of members with the SP Awards!  This event includes catering, music, dancing, and of course awards.  Often service professionals and our leadership are all in their finest attire and we spend hours celebrating at our beautiful corporate headquarters here in New York City.

Through our investment in our employees we share our passion for hospitality.  It’s not work if you love what you do!  Passion for service begins when we’re very young.  How many tea parties did we all go to?  Whether you were throwing one as a kid or attending one as a guest, we all loved pretending to be grown up and celebrating something with friends.  It’s a drive to provide for others that keeps HMG+ on the cutting edge of staffing solutions.  Whether we’re creating proprietary software to make the client or service professional experiences flawless or refining the training process with our partnership with the Academy for Hospitality Arts, we are always improving our guests’ experience.  

In the world of hospitality there is a broad spectrum of opportunities to work and be of service.  There’s open doors to new experiences and careers in places you’ve only dreamed of.  I have one friend that was bartending and auditioning for shows one weekend and the next was on an International cruise performing ‘Footloose’ five nights per week.  So next time you’re at an event and you see a bartender or a server or a busser, just assume this is their “Bruce Wayne” identity and under their pressed shirt, vest and tie is a dancer, comedian, or yoga instructor.  Welcoming others into new experiences is a natural extension for our service professionals.   I know several of our Captains have made a career out of both! 

Celebrating our workers is a joy because they are the backbone of our success.  HMG+ is about building community within our industry.  We’re the staffing solution for New York City because we are invested in our employees.  It’s all about personal relationships for HMG+ and making them lasting ones.  Making someone’s service and hospitality experience perfect is the goal of every service professional.  In the same way, HMG+ is making sure the service professional’s experience working with us is exceptional too.  If you want to be a part of an inclusive, diverse and successful team that celebrates their employees then start building community with us today and share in the benefits of being with HMG+.




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