Hospitality is Revolutionary

By Noah Parks

It all started as a response to inequity and inequality.  A fist in the air that resonated with people everywhere.  That people will not be oppressed no matter what the platform or the medium people were raising their fist in solidarity.  This grew from a fist into a knee, then into food and music.  Revolutionary thinking in the form of hospitality that the marginalized communities of the world could share with each other and their oppressors in hope of making real lasting change.  As this month nears the end and people begin to look forward to warmer, longer days, we must remember the power of the black community in the face of centuries of adversity.  HMG+ is not only a staffing solution for NYC, it’s also a place where community comes together to heal and create opportunities to grow.  

When Tommie Smith and John Carlos raised their fists at the Olympics to protest the violence against the black community in the late 60’s they defied public expectations.  They created a conversation that helped push public opinion over the goal line for Civil Rights legislation.  When Colin Kaepernik took a knee he too was helping America have a conversation it didn’t want to have about violence towards black men.  Indeed, it has now entered the world of hospitality so that buying food, drinks or clothing from Ghetto Gastro can help fuel civil discourse that can help change our world for the better.

HMG+ always has shown how to be an open minded and willing collaborator with places like the Okra Project.  Through donations and giving space to service professionals to speak their minds we have created an open and active environment for change.  We had tough conversations during the Summer of 2020 about how best to foster abilities within our staff and to elevate voices that may have been neglected or overlooked.  These changes are transformative because it makes our team stronger.  Listening is always the right decision when it comes to being the New York City staffing solution. As it says in Proverbs, “The way of fools seems right to them, but the wise listen to advice.”

Like Kings, Queens, Emperors and Presidents or Prime Ministers, they all need people around them to add to the conversation of ideas.  The point is that we haven’t been listening to the people suffering the most and infrequently are they the ones in those positions to make the rules at the executive level or give advice to lobby for a favorable outcome for the black community.  Most importantly right now in 2022 is to create space for those difficult conversations. Are we hearing enough from the black community about how we run our company? Are we still buying from black business owners?  Are we still creating lasting relationships with people that are part of our community?  

HMG+ creates those spaces with post-event reviews by Captains, Service Professionals and Clients.  There’s always an ongoing conversation with service professionals about how they feel the event went.  Our Corporate team works to make sure all the voices are heard and that changes are made to create a more equitable and dynamic experience for the people who are on site.  When someone on our team raises a fist we don’t seek to make it go away with apologies, we take action to ensure that our team knows we’re committed to them.  It’s intentional actions that we take to create an equitable community where our abilities compliment each other.  This is why we are the New York City staffing solution for the past three decades.  Our differences make us stronger and when one part is being stifled then we all must come to their aid.  If you want to be a part of a team that is changing how work gets done then visit us and find out how much we’ve been missing what you have to offer!



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