By Noah Parks

We’ve all felt it. That nagging feeling that we should’ve done or said something differently. The feeling that we messed something up and now it’s all over. Take a deep breath, it’s okay. It’s an interview. According to Glassdoor of 250 applicants only 4-6 will receive interviews and only one will get the job. That means you’ve already done everything right before the company interviewed you. Now, what can you do to set yourself apart? What’s the thing that will make a difference and set your nerves at ease? Write an interview thank you letter!  

The clock starts ticking when you leave the interview to show you’re engaged in the hiring process. An interview can lead to second guessing everything you talked about, or didn’t talk about, but stay focused because HR and Interviewers are waiting for you to act. There is a healthy amount of self-awareness that keeps us healthy and safe but, it’s unhealthy when it becomes worry. Worry causes anxiety and leads us to fixate on one moment when the interview seemed wonky. Maybe your chair squeaked awkwardly or you weren’t interviewed as long as the person ahead of you. These are distractions and not as important as your actions. Writing a thank you to the company is the most important thing after your interview to improve your chances of being hired.  

When you write your follow-up consider the company and take the opportunity to show them you’re an asset. My recommendations: talking about your solutions to challenges the company might be facing, showing gratitude for their time, reconnecting over something that you talked with the interviewer about, adding something “you forgot” to mention about your work, and thanking them again for their time.  If you’re graceful this email should be 3-5 sentences. Also, take a chance and advocate for yourself by asking what the next steps are.These are difficult times but one thing is certain: people are still hiring. It’s important to remember that even though the interview was virtual, they’re still “in-person interviews”.  There was a human connection that created an impression. HMG+ has put a focus on how the interviewee returns texts, phone calls, and emails before the hiring process begins. In fact the moment you begin to engage with HMG+ they are tracking your engagement to determine if you’re invested in them. So, the best way to stay at the top of the hiring list is to take action and send a thank you letter. This email distinguishes you as proactive, self-initiating, and engaged. If you take action then you won’t let worry consume your thinking because you’re doing something about it. Feel free to send sample post-interview thank you letters to me! .



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