By Noah Parks

It’s after New Year’s and all the confetti has settled. There’s a lot of people that believe that after the glitz and glam of the Holiday season that there’s “nothing to look forward to”.  And while the after New Year’s blues is real,  I strongly believe that this is just another, unique part of the year.  So does HMG+!  We’ve spent countless days “in-between”.  Those weeks and days where most people just assume there’s nothing special happening.  However, the incredible hospitality industry thrives on every opportunity to be of service.  HMG+ has many accounts with clients that need a staffing solution from New York City to the entire Tri-State Area.  Those are not all just for huge end-of-the-year events; rather, they’re to ensure that the weekly board meetings, morning breakfast services, and day-to-day operations run smoothly.  

HMG+ Service Professionals often are nothing short of extraordinary people that choose to be part of the ever-growing hospitality industry.  We have people that are passionate about Art, Culture, and Life that bring that passion to their service and not only at the end of the year or during a big event.  That’s the amazing part of working with the Academy for Hospitality Arts and their incredible training program.  It’s for every occasion.  We ensure that all of our HMG+ Service Professionals are tested for two days in-person and supported using the Academy’s online learning system to test their knowledge at home.  The point is that when our beaming, brilliant SPs show up, they’ll give guests the same special service on January 4th as they do on someone’s wedding day.

Our favorite service is happening with or without guests.  The service that lets guests move in and out of our paths like an escalator carrying guests.  Even as we interact with the utmost respect and kindness, we know that meeting the guest’s needs and anticipating them is our goal.  It’s critical to our mission to be as reliable and professional as possible. It’s why we’re the staffing solution that so many clients and companies turn to.  

We always pride ourselves on our relationships.  We have always focused on our customer service as a part of our Service Professional training.  Whether it’s on-site or on the phone, HMG+ is able to solve problems in real-time.  Whether it’s the president, a celebrity, or an office manager our tone is always one of courtesy and empathy.  HMG+ is a community-driven experience that grows because we have amazing people.  The people that have all the passion and care to make every service excellent.  When the break is over, and the ornaments are safely stored away, there will be a professional, punctual, high-performing member of the HMG+ team on the job.  And whether you are toasting the “Auld Lang Syne” or grabbing a fresh cup of coffee for the morning huddle, HMG+ will ensure that experience is always memorable.



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