By Noah Parks

It starts with your first event, restaurant, or other entry-level hospitality position where you develop the ability to anticipate guest needs, plan an effective event, or create a rapport with regular guests.  The hospitality business for HMG+ is so broad and inclusive that when we say we do it all, we actually mean it.  We’ve sent service professionals (SPs) to do everything you might assume you know a hospitality staffing agency would send them to do.  We’ve also sent them to all parts of the New York City and Tri-State Area to manage events including as COVID Hospitality Compliance Officers which helped mitigate the spread of the Corona Virus during the worst parts of the pandemic.  With this breadth of opportunity, anyone looking to explore a career in hospitality should consider HMG+ the only place to begin.

Being unique has always been a trait that I excel in.  I’ve always wondered where I fit in the job market.  When I was in college in Iowa I took a serving job at a major chain of restaurants.  It was wonderful pay and yet I wanted more.  I ended up working as a bartender then never looking back.  I managed and bartended all the way to the Big Apple and walked into a training with Stephen Ruggieri and Richard Hawk.  They took an old dog and taught me new tricks.  HMG+ connected me to a passion for service that other employers didn’t.  They had a growth mindset and people were genuine.  It wasn’t a rat race, it was a beautiful painting with smooth jazz playing in the background.  Every relationship from the corporate team to my fellow SPs are a dynamic team that spans decades of experience and culture.  

And that’s very important as the opportunities increase after the pandemic has subsided and events open up again.  The majority of the hospitality staffing correlates with current staffing industry trends.  The industry needs staffing solutions that are on demand, flexible, and contingent to fluctuations in the industry.  HMG+ and our service professionals are part of an expanding market.  Since the pandemic our clients are coming to us with record needs.  In order to service that need we have worked hand in hand with the Academy for Hospitality Arts to prepare the next generation of service professionals.

As a new member of the HMG+ team you’ll receive access to our special relationship with the AHA. If you’re new to the industry or have years of experience is immaterial, we’ll ensure your success on your first day with training from the AHA.  Other staffing agencies in NYC do not offer any training, or even a courtesy call when they send you to a new location.  The Corporate team at HMG+ is the complete opposite.  They will guide you and be your shield to make sure you’re successful whether it’s a wedding or an Olympic medal ceremony.  There’s no doubt that the industry can be unpredictable and that’s why we’re successful because we can add the consistency of excellent service regardless of the event.

In the beginning there was just a great idea to give the best possible service without the hassle and expense of hiring directly.  Now HMG+ is the staffing solution for the New York City area.  Many of whom walk through the door end up working with us at all levels of the industry for most of their burgeoning hospitality careers.  Passionate, personality driven service is what creates a welcoming community of like-minded professionals.  You will find that when you begin in the right place, that’s the only place you’ll ever need to be.



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