The first hotels, or inns, were small, simple establishments that hosted travelers making long journeys on foot or on horseback.  As culture and technology have changed over the centuries, hotels have adapted to meet the times.  Masters of adaptation, hotels in 2017 are molding themselves to fit the trends of a world which is changing at a faster rate than ever before.  Here are some changes you can expect to see over the next couple of years:


Communal Spaces and Activities

In restaurants across the US, we’re seeing more and more communal tables. Sites like AirBnb and Couchsurfing are offering communal living spaces and social experiences, and in general individuals and companies alike are promoting human connection.  Hotels are picking up on the trend, and as a result are remodeling their lobbies, dining rooms, and other shared spaces to really enforce the idea of shared experiences.



Emphasis on the Local

In restaurants across the country, local is the money-making word.  People are expressing an immense interest in buying and consuming food products that are locally sourced, and hotels have already started to hop onboard.  This doesn’t mean simply using locally sourced products in their dining rooms, however.  The experts at Skift predicts that “hotels will begin reclaiming the role they once had as community centers, only this time they’ll have evolved to solve challenges unique to modern times.”[1]


Upgraded Tech

We live in a world where everyone owns, and is constantly looking at, a wide number of personal screens.  These kinds of technology have become integral to our everyday lives, and hotels are realizing that their guests are expecting to find it in their rooms.  Complimentary WiFi alone simply won’t cut it anymore.



Attracting Millennial Guests

Millennials are a generation that don’t travel merely to relax, but to learn.  Turns out those backpacking trips aren’t just for the Instagram likes!  Millennials prioritize learning experiences, engaging with local cultures and traditions, and developing a real understanding of the places they visit.  Whether this means hotels will organize excursions like local food or drink tours, or bring locals into the hotels, they’re going to find a way to promote cultural education and more meaningful experiences.







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