By Noah Parks

Have you ever felt nervous before an interview? Good. It’s natural. However, remember the company you are interviewing with wants you to be a catch. It’s not always apparent but, a lot goes into crafting an interview that will be successful. The company has invested in you before you’ve even clocked in. You’ve invested in them too, by riding the train, taking a car, and spending the time coming to the interview. The more mutual the interview process feels the better it will go. Remember that this is a two way street with risks and benefits for both. The nervous feeling will pass if you focus on what you can do, rather than things you have no control over.

The most exciting part of the process: the interview questions. These fall into that category that you have no control over. Fortunately HMG+ is here to offer some insight, to pull the curtain back on the process and the purpose of these questions. When I was interviewed by HMG+ I was treated like a professional which was odd to me because I thought of staffing and hospitality in a different way that HMG+ does. My interview prep relied heavily on my resume and being able to “do the job”. I was pleasantly surprised when I was asked what my favorite color is and what my ideal day off is like. It felt like they were getting to know me, not just assess my skills and “pass or fail” me.  

This kind of interview question is not the usual, “What’s your greatest weakness?” or “Why do you want to work for us?”. The old, tired, questions seem to beg for tired responses that will either be smokescreen for the person and obfuscate the truth for the employee and company. The pointed, interesting questions can unlock the personality of someone that will fit into the company culture. Anyone can learn how to do something with enough training but companies aren’t looking for anyone, they’re looking for you! So, being ready to be honest and creative within the parameters of being professional is critical to answering interview questions successfully.

The next time you’re worried about the interview, just take a moment and realize you are the one the company wants to hire. You can take the pressure off by focusing on the things you can control like what you wear, leave early so you’re not rushed, and have a positive attitude.  Interview questions you cannot control but you can stay open to questions that you might not expect. Being honest in the interview will lead to working for a company you want to work for and a company hiring someone they want to invest in. This mutually beneficial relationship will benefit the company culture and ease your daily stress level.  



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