By Ashley Rose Singh and Meghan Hanley

Home is where the office is. This is our new norm. So how can we make the best of our current reality? Focus on well-being. Here’s how:

Create Boundaries

Trust us, you’re definitely not the only one doubling your kitchen / playroom / basement as an office. Creating boundaries is essential. Close the door or make a sign with office hours, so it’s clear when the space is being occupied. Headphones work just as well, even if they’re not on. Choose something and stick with it so everyone in the household knows you’re in #donotdisturb mode.

Design Space

Take a look around, this is YOUR space. Introduce some elements that are meaningful and bring you joy like family photos, favorite crystals, or houseplants. Move your desk by a window. Invest in a comfortable chair. Use a lamp for better lighting. These are just a few small design changes that can create big shifts in your everyday well-being.

Schedule Breaks

Feeling glued-to-your-seat-eye-bulging exhaustion? We’re getting more screen time than ever before with all human interactions happening on digital platforms. Schedule time throughout your days to get out in nature (if you can) or at least step away from the screen.

Just as our devices need time to power down, so do we.

For many of us, working from home may feel like an extreme inconvenience. But when the office hands you a new norm, make positive changes.



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