By Noah Parks

Stardate *09.31.2020*: back to work. To boldly go where we used to go to do the things we used to do. Well, sort of. We’ll be venturing into the new normal like rangers through the wilderness: redundancies, loaded for bear with PPE, and an expanded definition of Hospitality. You’ve probably spent the past months doing one thing: trying to figure IT out. All of it. It’s a broad statement but, you know exactly what I’m talking about. HMG+ has been figuring it out woo, by articulating rules for safe events and service at a variety of levels. That means new roles that are in in development across our industry and others. This will redefine what “go to work” means for some. It will mean new training, certifications, and jobs. I’ve examined a few of the newest positions being created: the Covid-19 Compliance Officer, Hospitality Concierge, Day Porter, and Wellness Ambassador.

In the corporate world the “compliance officer” is someone that ensures that the business operates within the law. They are the eye in the sky that can gently, or forcefully if necessary, inform clients and team members that they are violating protocols or laws. In the future Covid-19 Compliance Officers will operate in the same way but with a singular focus on complying with local, state, CDC guidelines and any company guidance regarding Covid-19. The Entertainment industry and the MLB now requires this role to be filled before conducting business. The officer travels with the team and monitors all activity relating to the team and makes reports detailing non-compliance. They then offer solutions to remedy the non-compliance with the team leadership. HMG+ will likely need administrative positions like the Covid-19 Compliance Officer to be filled with our Service Professionals and Temp-to-Perm candidates.

Corporate dining is changing too: enter the Hospitality Concierge. Instead of everyone flooding into a cafeteria’s buffets or stations, the Hospitality Concierge will travel through the dining room with offerings available like an airline offers drinks. This will be assisted by technology that monitors the dining options, room occupancy, and indicates proper social distancing. Apps that control the population of certain rooms have already been utilized by companies like American Express. HMG+ showed me how to properly serve guests at every level which means anticipating the guests every need. I’d usually miss a thing here and there, but now I’ll have everything I need right there on the floor. No more running back to the kitchen for creamer because everything is on the cart!

Finally I’ll discuss two positions that may sound new but weirdly familiar. The first is the Wellness Ambassador. This new position is familiar because you obviously read the most recent issue of the newsletter/blog (*wink emoji* *add link*). These are the people that

coordinate with staff inside the building to keep workplaces safe. Similar to the Covid-19 Compliance Officer, the Wellness Ambassador encourages compliance with protocols inside the workplace. Unlike them, the ambassador is active during the work day and during events: encouraging guest compliance with CDC et al guidelines, offering proper PPE, and reassuring guests safety in real time.

The physical workplace will require special attention in our “new normal”. Usually a small army of hardworking porters scour surfaces overnight. However, due to the danger of spread on surfaces, there is now a need for the Day Porter. This position is obvious considering that Covid-19 lives on surfaces for at least 72 hours. It will be a client facing position that interacts with active workplaces. That means fully resetting the cleanliness of a room or space while folks are using the space. It sounds like herding cats but the position has a precedent and will be quickly adapted to comply with CDC, et al. procedures and protocols.

This is by no means a complete list of roles nor is it a definitive article on the responsibilities of them. It is however, a glimpse of what’s to come. HMG+ is dedicated to building and maintaining healthy relationships by keeping clients and staff safe. These past months have given HMG+ an opportunity to expand our job offerings and create a plan of action for dealing with Covid-19 in the workplace. Personally, I’m someone that wants to know everything before it happens. For example when the toys come out before a big movie, I can figure out the plot based on which characters have action figures. If you want to figure out what’s coming next keep an eye on the HMG+ website for new articles and information about possible new positions: Hospitality Concierge, Covid-19 Compliance Officer, Day Porter, Wellness Ambassador. It may not be the final frontier but it is our current one and we’re excited to explore it together. Safely.



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