By Noah Parks

The best part of Thanksgiving is that there is now wrong way to celebrate it.  It’s food and family.  It really doesn’t matter if it’s a family you are related to or that you choose.  As New York City’s staffing solution, HMG+ has facilitated many incredible Thanksgivings.  We’ve been a part of private occasions at homes and celebrations in places like the Botanical Garden or the Weylin space in Williamsburg.  Regardless of where you find yourself there’s a lot of reasons to love Thanksgiving.  I thought I’d talk about some of the most interesting parts of this unique American Holiday which is the first course of our Three Course holiday trifecta.  Roll Kawanza and Hannukah into that and Thanksgiving is the first step in the journey to a slightly larger waistline and creating lifelong memories.

Unless you’re a Turkey.  Turkeys in America are a staple of the Thanksgiving meal.  In fact last year Americans ate 40 million turkeys!  That’s an incredible amount of tasty for all the families enjoying one.  The average turkey has also gotten even more satisfying because from 1960-2020 the average size of a turkey has gone up 78%, from 16 llbs to 30 lbs.   That coincides with the increase in average size of Americans from 166 lbs to 195 lbs.  I’m not sure there’s a correlation nor a causation but with 2,500 different Turkey Farms in America there will always be plenty of turkeys.  Sorry Turkeys.

As I wrote about recently Native Americans had a robust idea of hospitality.  They would welcome any and all in need to take part in their harvest and their feasts.  When the pilgrims in 1621 invited them to share in the harvest, they brought their own cornucopia.  None of which included any turkey but rather goose, oysters, and squash.  It’s this kind of warm and welcoming hospitality that HMG+ always puts first when we have an event whether it’s Thanksgiving or not.  The pieces that make up the whole of our community come together and provide a memorable and generous experience.  Like the early Thanksgiving traditions it’s about the people as much as the food.

Truly this day is remarkable because it brings such a diverse group of people together, whether they’re related or chosen family.  I’ve been living in New York City for almost ten years and I’ve spent several with my roommates or work friends.  One recently was a mish mash of furniture and silverware.  Lots of aluminum foil covers over a variety of ceramic and plastic containers.  Or last year I spent it on a zoom call with family as I was cutting the bird! Even as I observed the differences between my mother’s legendary spread and my humble apartment, I saw only similarities.  Laughter, love, and great food that we all shared, creating memories for the rest of my life.

With so many incredible Service Professionals, Captains, and Corporate team members from diverse backgrounds, HMG+ can engage with events and holidays from a place of expertise.  HMG+ is like a Thanksgiving meal as an organization because we haven’t forgotten anything: we have all the fixings.  It is so important for us to be detail oriented because there’s always someone who’s entire experience rests on quality cranberry sauce.  This year, let’s all be extra grateful for the family we surround ourselves with and remember that we’re special to someone else too.  If you want to be part of something special then apply to HMG+ today!



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