By Noah Parks

HMG+ is a dream that Michael DiPeri realized with his wife Karen DiPeri. Their vision and leadership has put HMG+ at the forefront of the industry.  With multiple awards and laurels from a variety of industry organizations.  As a leader in hospitality, Karen also promotes mentorship of women in the HMG+ team.  Recently Amanda Beni, our Client Relations Manager, moved up to Vice President and our entire corporate team is majority women.  This kind of progressive leadership is like a tide lifting all boats.  New ideas and voices that lead to increased morale.  This leads to long term investment by both employees and HMG+.

Building community comes naturally to the women of HMG+ because our business is people.  The corporate team has a rapport that feels like a crew of a yacht (see previous post on “Hospitality Above Deck”), constantly moving and needing each other with lines being thrown or knots tied in order to secure the ship and keep us right side up.  It’s not just our community that benefits from women ownership and women leaders, its the community outside HMG+.  The families of all our women leaders benefit from their continued success with our small business.  Nearly 44% of women in the workplace have children under the age of 18 at home so, when HMG+furthers the success of its women employees it furthers the success of those families.

In my own experience I’ve not worked for many women lead hospitality companies.  In fact this is the first.  I’ve been doing this for over a decade and the highest position that a woman held at a place I’ve worked is bartender (Besides HMG+ obviously.  It’s unfortunately part of the toxic culture that can breed in the industry which this kind of progressive leadership at HMG+ hopes to help eradicate.  Leading by example is our style anyways.  One of the major differences is that there are a lot of supports to help promote woman owned small businesses that didn’t used to exist.  The Small Business Association now has a specific division to help do outreach and assistance to woman owned small businesses.  

Being a part of HMG+ under Karen’s leadership is just good business.  Women lead companies achieve higher results on the S&P 500 than their competitors.  They also have better retention of quality employees, higher application rates for job openings, and are undeterred taking the path less traveled.  As we face unprecedented times, it is clear that the old ways which were broken and harmful to progress must be revised or discarded.  It’s time for a women to take control and help ensure the success of our industry.  From our service professionals, to captains, to the corporate team we are always looking to the women of HMG+ for answers.  If you’re interested in joining our women lead team then please fill out an application, we’d be proud to welcome you to our community!




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