HMG Service Pro: Terry Hanson

 HMG+:  What do you do at HMG Plus?

 I am a captain/waiter/bartender.

HMG+:  What do you love most about your role at HMG?

I love the interaction with people, the guests, and my fellow staff. I also love the opportunity to make a positive contribution to people’s lives.

 HMG+:  What’s the coolest hospitality event you’ve worked?

There have been many, but I fondly remember the 75th Anniversary for CBS television at the Hammerstein Ballroom where every living personality who ever had a show on CBS was present.

 HMG+:  What made you decide to join the hospitality industry?

I fell into this industry somewhat by accident. I was working as a bandleader on an American cruise ship and just after 9/11 the company went bankrupt without warning. I needed a job and fast. A friend of mine suggested catering work and the idea intrigued me. All of my work throughout my life had been limited to work in the arts. I was anxious for something new.

HMG+:  What is your other passion? 

Music is my passion. I started piano lessons at age four and eventually graduated with a Masters Degree in Classical Piano Performance with a Teaching Degree in Vocal Music and Theatre (as well as Minors in Spanish and French). After 12 years of teaching high school in Minnesota, I began freelancing as a music director, orchestrator and pianist. My work brought me to NYC 20 years ago. I have toured nationally and internationally with over 25 Broadway musicals. I have also worked as a musical director and supervisor for several major cruise lines. I continue to teach privately and accept offers that allow me to travel.

HMG+:  What is your favorite cuisine?

I have a passion for world travel and my emphasis when I visit new countries is to sample their cuisine; when and what people eat provides a window to their culture. I do not have a favorite cuisine. I love all food and am always seeking new dishes and cooking techniques.




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