In February 2020 I proposed to my incredible, indelible, best friend, Lucy.  She accepted and we cried tears of joy.  I asked her to marry me because I couldn’t imagine my life without her.  She embodies much of what I’m not: patient, consistent, and wears her heart on her sleeve.  I have never been more sure of anything in my life than when I proposed.  I could hear the guests arriving, wearing their suits and dresses, the music humming along, a packed synagogue with my Iowa relatives figuring out what to do with their yarmulkes,  and then the beautiful reception in the boathouse at Prospect Park.  And you know how this ends…With a plague that devastated our incredible day, the hospitality industry, and changed many lives.  I could never have known how it was going to go after I proposed but, I’m grateful I had so much time with HMG+ to fill my head with incredible memories of epic and intimate weddings.

I just know this summer is the summer of love 2.0 because as I was beginning to plan something small for myself I was running into trouble booking space, vendors, anything.  I finally threw my hands up and told Lucy the struggle was real.  She is a problem solver and soon we were back on track all because she had the foresight to suggest the clearest path forward,”Let’s get married in the backyard!”  It, like many of HMG+ staffing solutions, was a stroke of genius.  Simply having a smaller event, within our own backyard meant that we would save an enormous amount of resources.  However, one man’s backyard wedding means another’s (or hundreds of others) venue being booked.  HMG+ is seeing demand unlike anything before.

Events in the country didn’t just bounce back; they are doing new record numbers.  Even if they are mostly outdoors, the return of events marked a huge shift for our industry.  Nothing will return the approximately $500 billion lost since March 2020, however the summer is an indication that regardless of cost many families and companies are finding safe ways to engage their families and clients.  The staffing solutions for these events is naturally a vital role that must be a coherent response to the need for staff.  HMG+ will always put the safety of service professionals and guests first and since the beginning of HMG+ we’ve valued input from all involved.  This kind of feedback is a hallmark for our company and our integrity during this exciting resurgence has resulted in a high demand for our services.

Whether you’re getting married in your backyard like me or at the beautiful new Dock 72 space in Brooklyn’s Navy Yard, I recommend you take a look at HMG+ to ensure you have the absolute best experience.  Our commitment to excellence from set up to tear down is the bar by which the industry sets its expectations.  This is of course not a challenge to anyone reading this and not sure what they want to do with their summer.  It’s an invitation to join a family, a community of individuals that respect and work together toward the common goal of providing memorable experiences on the most important days of people’s lives.  I personally would not have been able to handle this pandemic postponement without the starry eyed memories of weddings I’ve worked with HMG+.  I am thankful for the gift of grace that comes with working in service that has helped me understand that my backyard is right where I’m supposed to be on my wedding day.  I’m not ruling out renewing my vows at the Weylin or Brooklyn Botanical Garden!



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