By Noah Parks

It sounds like something you’d read on a google ad, “Hospitality Staffing Solutions”, but with HMG+ it has a deeper, more human meaning. It’s our core principle to build community and grow it by supporting our service professionals both professionally and individually. This translates to staff that works with purpose and drive. When we talk about staffing solutions, this is our first, internal solution: keep our team happy. This is the principle that you need to love yourself before you can love someone else. If we can support and care for our own staff then they’ll be able to go out to EDRs, restaurants, and offices to take care of your guests.  

That brings us to the first part of the phrase, “hospitality”. Rooted in hospitable treatment or as Merriam-Webster would say, “offering a pleasant or sustaining environment”. It’s in our name and it means the world to us to be able to offer this to our clients and guests. It means the guest’s needs are anticipated so that they can focus on their goals. This is a tremendous honor to take care of people, and HMG+ is committed to providing service that is above and beyond what may be expected. Clients often have commented and returned to HMG+ for events large and small because we are willing to make that commitment to our high standards whether it’s a coffee service for two or a conference of 1,000!  

While fulfilling hospitality needs is our focus and our expertise these same standards apply to all of our staffing solutions. HMG+ has been able to place temporary to permanent candidates in administrative roles and hospitality functions across a variety of industries.  We’ve recently been supplying data entry, greeters, flow controllers, vaccinator support, and registration attendant for the Vaccinate New York program. Even during the pandemic we are able to find staffing solutions that are supporting the health and well being of our community.  Our dedication to building community means that we will always be providing staffing solutions no matter the circumstances.

The solutions we offer are ones that are rooted in the principle I’ve already laid out: building community. When clients come to us with challenges or needs that appear on paper to be beyond their ability we don’t add to the panic, we ease their worry with answers. That begins with our incredible Booking staff. They know that the right people will always be the solution to hospitality staffing challenges. HMG+ believes in personality driven service because you can’t teach a good personality. According to Rober Murray when a company hires they should look for, “team members that not only fit the culture the leader is trying to build but also have the ‘right’ set of personality traits that cannot be trained.”  

When we send our Service Professionals out to the office or event they’re all going to possess the same high level of skills but individually they have unique hearts and minds to deliver personalized service. The hospitality staffing solutions that HMG+ provides are precisely what the client, teams, and guests want: they’re hospitable and professional. The community we have cultivated goes with us wherever the clients and guests are. Whether you’re a small venue or multi-national corporation, your biggest asset is your people. HMG+ completely agrees and you don’t need to google that!



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