2020 has thrown us all for a loop but, luckily HMG+ has service professionals currently working safely in the field. I had the opportunity to interview one of our finest captains, Jacob Pressley and find out how things have changed in the field. I hope you’ll learn more about the state of service currently. Jacob outlines pretty succinctly and eloquently what it’s like to be there in the room providing service while there is a global pandemic.

Noah: What’re the main differences in service before and during a pandemic?  

Jacob: Services haven’t changed much from pre-COVID-19 services. Things which the guests may have served for themselves in the past are now pre-packaged and portioned so they can grab and go.

A coffee service which would usually include milk pitchers for guests to share and prepare their coffee as they like it now single use creamers are used to avoid communal containers and high touch surfaces. 

N: How has the mood changed?  

J: The mood is cautious and aware but not anxious or paranoid which is a balance I appreciate because the work can be stressful enough at times without being concerned for your health or safety. Most added cleaning and safety protocols are things which we practice in food services already: lots of hand washing, gloves, frequently cleaning surfaces. We practice spatial[social] distancing while prepping food and services with designated stations spread six feet apart and masks are worn all day.  

N: How are the guests reacting?  

J: They’re grateful for the services we’re providing. I can tell they appreciate the extra steps we take, like the pre packaged options and setting up services with clean gloves. I’ve also noticed that most of them are very aware and respectful of keeping their distance and following any signs which limit the maximum capacity in a room. 

N: What do you think people have misconceptions about how it is during events/service right now?  

J: I suppose some people who are hesitant about returning to work may imagine how events USED to be; passed HDs or crowded dining rooms. But the truth is, those types of services are just not possible right now and every client is very adamant about implementing and following the recommended guidance to help keep all of their employees safe and healthy.  

N: What were the fun parts of the day? 

J: I’ve missed working on events so call me crazy but I enjoy when the day gets a little hectic or busy and I’m challenged to complete my orders on time. I treat it like a puzzle to find the most efficient solution.  

N: Anything else you think would be interesting or valuable?

J: Everyone who enters the building has their temp taken and the client location has converted one of their conference rooms into a rapid test lab and they schedule their employees (including us) for regular testing. They give you results right there within 10-15 minutes. This adds even more reassurance that everyone you’re interacting with is likely free of COVID-19. There’s social distancing and PPE for added layers of safety. It really is the safest place I could imagine working right now. ⁕

HMG+ is grateful for our wonderful client’s cooperation as we safely return to serving guests.  We are tremendously grateful for our service professionals that have always been our greatest asset.  I look forward to continuing to interview our team to get first hand accounts of the slow but steady return to normal. Here’s hoping that 2021 is filled with more positive reports like this one!



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