By Noah Parks

It’s National Internship Awareness month and HMG+ is proud to support a healthy and growing internship culture.  We welcome a host of interns through various colleges and institutions that bring new life, skills, and ambition to our exciting work.  Being the hospitality staffing solution for New York City means giving back as much as we receive.  When we welcome fresh recruits to our internship team we open the door to new ideas and enthusiastic learners.  The passing of wisdom and experience to interns in exchange for their willingness to grow and adapt is a perennial tradition that starts at the heart of hospitality.   We bring them in and they become family with responsibility and expectations.  We too have to meet their needs and surpass them in order to create lasting skills they can take as they continue their professional journey.

When HMG+ invests in an intern it isn’t the typical summer grind then discard.  It’s a lasting relationship that will go well beyond the summer.  In fact we have built our corporate team through successful internships.  Our very own Marketing and Projects Manager, Emma Potsklan was an intern that had big ideas and goals for our marketing department.  HMG+ invested in her and she continues to bring success with her creative and hardworking spirit.  When we elevate new voices they often meet the challenges of our dynamic environment.  Providing staffing solutions to the New York City area is not something that you can do on autopilot.  Especially during the Summer when we have our busiest season of weddings, receptions, and outdoor events.  Being an ambitious team player is critical to the success of our company and our community.  

Besides organizing meetings, keeping the minutes, tracking project completion, and running daily operations in the office, interns also receive mentoring from our successful team members.  With over 100 years combined experience in hospitality interns that take on any task will learn a lot.  This past Summer we had two interns that were made offers not only because of what they’ve done but because of how they did it.  Taking feedback and incorporating criticism to construct successful products like whitepapers, presentations, and leading initiatives.  Both of those interns carry on today and have made the leap from first step to career hospitality professional.

It’s a month of celebrating the intern and all that an internship has to offer.  HMG+ is extremely successful because we utilize a variety of modes to engage interns in our daily operations.  Everyone is given the opportunity to be successful and rise to a high level within their departments because we want them to be successful.  Internships keep HMG+ fresh and dynamic as hospitality trends change and the next generation of service professionals come in and bring ideas which help our community grow.  We’re excited to be leaders of the future of hospitality and to do it with our interns by our side.



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