CC ServersAt HMG Plus we not only believe we’re hospitality made great, we pride ourselves on building a close family of hospitality professionals.  Imagine a job that works around your busy schedule and offers flexible hours. Imagine an organized system to booking and keeping track of gigs. And imagine for a moment, having the freedom to pursue your passion while still being able to pay your rent. You might be asking: what will I get out of joining the Plus team? We’d like to share just a few of the perks of becoming an HMG Plus Employee.

Gig Location Variety: HMG Plus staff is sent on a wide variety of event locations including Bloomberg, Goldman Sachs and The United Nations. One example of a recent exciting event was the DVF (Diane Von Furstenberg ) Awards held at the UN Delegate Dining room where celebrity guests like Sarah Jessica Parker and Alicia Keys gathered to celebrate leaders of inspiration. Other types of events include VIP luncheons, cocktail receptions, wine tastings, launch parties, and private home events. Being a part of these notable and professional environments is just one of the many benefits to being an HMG Plus employee.

giggo-banFlexible Scheduling: is one of our best advantages! Do you take classes? Attend auditions? Work another part-time job? No sweat! HMG Plus is willing to work around their employees’ schedules.  If you are still in school or need to leave and go on tour we totally understand. We will send gig alerts during the available windows you list, and then you can choose whether to accept based on your schedule.

“With HMG+ I can pay my bills while still being able to pursue my dancing career. I love the flexible scheduling!” – Julie R.

Room for Growth: As part of the HMG Plus team, there is plenty of opportunities to grow within the company. If you work hard and gain the trust of your clients you can be nominated for the Captain’s Training, which offers more responsibility and a higher rate on top of our already high compensation rates. Several members of our staff also build relationships with clients so they become the point person that the client regularly requests. Their event schedule is generally always full and that means more work opportunities! So what does it take? We look for employees who demonstrate the 4 P’s: punctuality (be on time), performance (deliver the goods), presentation (impressions are key) and personality (smile, stay focused on the gig at hand).

group talentCommunity: Being part of the HMG Plus staff is really like being part of a family. The first step in the hiring process is creating an account in our online community, which offers digital access to seamlessly book gigs and receive communications. Off-line we coordinate team trainings, events and gatherings. Each employee is considered a piece of a greater whole that is acknowledged as our hospitality service excellence.

“I like how all of the communication at HMG is very personable. Being part of the staff allows me to be part of an open-minded community of fellow hospitality industry professionals.” – Ryan G.

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