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HMG+ knows what it takes to provide New York the hospitality staffing and recruitment services this city needs. Whether you need a permanent position filled, or an expert to run your private, promotional, culinary or corporate event HMG+ has the staffing it takes to delight your guests.

From staffing the front of the house to having your back throughout your entire event, we cover every position with hospitality service professionals who actually earn the title of professional.

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How Much Catering Staff Do You Need?

Determining how much catering staff is needed at an event all comes down to budget, the number of guests, the type of event, and the chosen venue. An HMG+ staffing consultant will help you determine the amount of support your event will require. As a guide, we have developed 6 unique positions required for a terrific event.

HMG+ Captain


The event captain’s role is one that encompasses a leader, manager, teacher, and counselor. Their main responsibility is to ensure that the event runs seamlessly. This is achieved by working with the executive chef to time the delivery of the courses while maintaining its quality, with the Master of Ceremonies to ensure the event stays on schedule, and with the client ensure that the event runs seamlessly, and that every need of the client is met. The Captain will work effortlessly to lead their team through the various steps of set up and service breakdown, while assisting with event production services including managing communications between florists, DJs, culinary teams and more.

HMG+ Day Porter


The most important role during the transition from pre-to-post COVID is the sanitation of the work place. Day Porters are the first line of defense for clients maintaining the highest level of cleanliness. They’ll be there to ensure all surfaces with high traffic are sanitized for the protection of all employees, including themselves. Whereas night porters generally maintain a low profile, the Day Porter will be a prominent figure of our defense against the spread of COVID-19 in the work place.

HMG+ Event Server


The Server is responsible for the oversight of their assigned responsibilities within an executive dining and client conference center. They are responsible with achieving excellent customer service and executing executive dining and catered events. They are responsible for working together with the team to complete side-work, setting up food and beverages, serving guests, cleaning up the event, and setting up for the next day. These responsibilities are limited by not excluding the dining rooms are presentable. 

HMG+ Bartender


The role of the bartender is essential for the success of any event. The HMG+ Bartender manages beverage distribution at large-scale events and private parties, maintains a professional appearance and positive attitude throughout an event, and utilizes their craft of mixology to enhance the guest experience. We encourage all HMG+ Bartenders to become Tips® certified to ensure the highest level of bartending service.

HMG+ Coat Check Attendant


The HMG+ Coat Check attendant is responsible for greeting guests with a friendly smile, managing coat check for large-scale events and private parties, and following the direction of event Captain to ensure an effective, safe and smooth event opening and closing.

HMG+ Hospitality Administrator


As the Administrative Associate will take ownership of day-to-day administrative tasks, scheduling and coordinating the CEO and president’s schedules, supporting staffing, client, HR, and recruiting departments, and collaborating with the corporate team.  


New York Event Staffing by HMG Plus


HMG+ consistently provides friendly, highly vetted, and professionally trained staff such as servers, bartenders, captains, coat check attendants and promotional personnel, all dedicated to excellence in service. Further staffing support includes permanent placement and long term assignments for dining management, administrative, conference and catering positions.

New York Administrative Placement by HMG Plus


We take the stress out of finding your next full-time hospitality pro. Once HMG+ is on the job, we meticulously screen and select a pool of candidates handpicked for the positions you need filled. We work directly with your team to determine the specific qualifications, skill sets, character traits, and necessary experience you need in your perfect candidate.

Hospitality Training by AHA

HOSPITALITY TRAINING BY the academy for hospitality arts

Our partner, The Academy for Hospitality Arts can help you elevate your guest dining experience through their proprietary service training. With over 100 years of combined experience in both front and back of house, AHA’s hospitality training and consulting helps refine your employees’ skills, boosting confidence and morale.

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