Message From Our Founders






Dear Colleagues and Friends, 

On behalf of the HMG+ family, we hope this email finds you and your loved ones well.

As the dialog surrounding reopening grows, we want to assure you and your team that when you’re ready, we’ll be ready.

We are actively participating in industry discussions, along with our core leadership teams, both corporate and field personnel to be fully prepared for the multiple phases of reopening. We are customizing our hospitality trainings so that our captains can lead our service teams more optimally and efficiently than ever. We are also taking necessary steps to ensure when we return it will be with improved safety training in accordance with CDC business recommendations.

We are looking forward to having all Captains and Lead Service Pros carry certificates of completion for sanitation station management and distancing seating protocols, as well as having all Service Professionals PPE mask equipped.

Since the pandemic hindered our business operations, we’ve been checking in with our leadership team including Captains and rising Captains twice a week in order to boost morale and provide a strong community.  In this space we have shared our feelings of concern, discussed what the future of executive dining, social events and conferences might look like, and how we might be able to accommodate the needs of client locations.

We’ve talked plainly, pessimistically, optimistically and truthfully with each other.  Our conversations have been healing and inspiring. We have learned through each other that Hospitality is huge and is a part of the fabric of the human experience. 

As we continue to enter into new phases of opening, we want you to know we are unwavering in our commitment to diligently prepare our service professionals through the Academy for Hospitality Arts’ teachings.  

HMG+ is still fully operational, and we would love to hear any business inquiries you may have during this time. 

Through the perseverance and passion of hospitality, we stand together. 

Warmest regards, 

Michael & Karen DiPeri


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